Dr. Nirzaree Parikh .

5 years of experience

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Dr. Nirzaree Parikh is a board certified Neuro-psychiatrist. She treats mental illnesses in children and adults. She Has 5+ years of tremendous experience in treating various mental illnesses in adults and children comprising more than 2500 patients across India. She works in Surat, Ankleshwar and Bharuch and online. In Surat , she runs her private clinical practice called Psynchronize Minds in the Piplod area. She is affiliated with major esteemed Universal Hospital, Surat. In ankleshwar, she works on Monday and Thursday at Triloki hospital, Sardar patel hospital, Jayaben mody hospital, Patel multi-speciality hospital and in Bharuch, Pushti Hospital, Bharuch Civil Hospital. She is the Founder and CEO of "Psynchronize Minds"



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